Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloweeen Sewing Retreat

I am doing an online Halloween sewing retreat with some friends offline.
  I am getting a late start sense I stayed up Way to late last night.  So are today I decorated a blue Jean bag that i got from wal-mart last year and just wanted to spruce it up.  I will get a pic of it here in a sec and post it. The pic came out blury have another one to post but need to run Melissa up the street to a sleep over.

 Then its off to eat some lunch/brunch then back to the sewing machine.  Not sure what the next one would be might start on a pillowcase.  will keep posting threw out the day.
Okay its about 5:15 and i feel I have not got much accomplished, after I dropped of Melissa for her sleep over I ate some lunch.  OH and came home with a new puppy lol.  Brittany;s mom and I got to talking about dogs and how i was looking for a female dog for me sense i lost mine last year.  She told me she had a long haired chihuahua she needed to find a home for she just had to many dogs.  I took one look at her and new i had to bring her home.  She looked so much like the dog i had when a was a little girl. But Nicki was a different breed than what  Sadie is.
 she is in the room right now with Kelsey hanging out. And the neighbors dog is here hanging out as well, Its Kelseys boyfriends family dog so the dogs and ryan are here all the time.  Just Ryan is not here right now lol
 I am trying to make a pillow case got it sewn down the first time and it did not look right. So took to the bed to see way, it was way to long for some reason. Do not have enough material to make the cuff for the right way. So just going to sew it back up and cut off some of the bottom.  Its long enough for a body pillow lol

 As soon as I get it done will post pics.

how are the rest of you doing?

Okay here is the pic of the pillowcase I made. That is my dd Kelsey holding it up she would not let me show her face lol.
 I had to redo it twice and still think i have to redo the side seam. But just to tired to deal with it right now.
  I am doing a french seam for the first time, and just missed some of the inside seam and its showing.
 But all and all it turned out great.  Have one cut out for tomorrow too. Going to go and watch some tv.

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