Thursday, October 15, 2009

been awhile

been awhile sense i have last posted. Been really busy here at home. We got 2 calves last week and only 1 made it. They are bottle fed calves that we got from an individual that we found out after the calve died that this person sold us some sick cows. Now we know why he was in such a hurry to get his check cashed. I think hubby is going to report him to the spca. Last Thursday Hubby broke his pinky finget playing catch football with the neighborhood kids. When he caught the ball it bent it back and at first we thought it was just dislocated so he popped it back into place. Well, later on and a trip the to ER found out he fractured it. Hairline fracture. And it goes up and down but sideways not straight across. So for now he is having to wear a finger splint. I had to take him back on sunday because the meds they gave him were not wrking and come to find out the dr on the 1st trip did not give him the right ones. Wrk is going fine and really busy, we have a few changes going on a wrk but for the best. Its really going to help my dept have less wrk to do. For now it seems we are doing the other dept wrk when they can be doing thier own. So that will be really nice. Was raining here off and on for the past week or so, So now the farm area in the back of the house is all one big mud puddle lol. Now that the rain is behind us for now, and hopefully the sun will come out and help dry this all up. We are in the process of getting ready to start board a neighbors house. She litterly lives right behind us. I have not have had the chance to meet her yet, i was at wrk the other day when she came by. I have been wrking on some placemats for halloween as soon as i get them done i will post a pic. Just something for the table. And have some cute fall material i may some mats from as well. The Girls and Hubby are at our Texas State Fair right now. Been there most of the day. Not sure if they are on thier way home or not have not heard from them all day. Well called hubby at 1pm when i had my break at wrk but not sense then. Might have to go out and feed the animals myself. well, off to do some sewing before i have to go and feed. And give them a call and see where they are.

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