Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday 3oth

well i got up about 9:30 this morning and that is unusual for me, Normally i roll out of bed about noon.  During the week i am up at 2am everymorning and do not get to bed till about 8 or so at night.  I try and take one day out of the weekend for me to just sleep in.  Went out and checked on the animals this morning, let the chickens out to roam the grounds, did let the goats out but caught them all across the street to put them back up. Gave the ducks some fresh water in thier makeshift pond and they loved it. I need to get more batteries for my camera or just get one where the batteries do not drain so fast.  The kids are gone again today. Kelsey is at a birthday party and Melissa is still at her sleepover.  Richard went into town to talk to someone about another job he my be interested in.  So I opened up all the windows thise morning. We FINALLY have a nice breeze here in texas and its not to hot so far.  Nice to have the windows open for a change. 
 I am wrking on my quilt blocks still. Hope to have them done tonight.  Then off to my next projects.
  I will post  more later.

Great quilting day

well, i spent most of the day off and on doing some cutting and ironing for my qlt blocks.  Have the main blocks cut out. They are 12/1/2", cut all 12 of my Teapots cut out as well. Then realized i still needed to do the teacups. But going to check to see if we need the teacups, if so i will do 6 of them and only do 6 of the Pots. 

Tomorrow if i have time I will get the cups cut out and then start sewing them to the foundation  blocks if i have time. Sundays are my early days to go to bed. I get up at 2am during the week to get ready for wrk. I have to be at wrk at 4am.  Only Monday threw Thursday.  But when i get home i still have wrk to do here at the house and feed the animals.  Well, going to cut it short tonight have to get to bed i am tired. 12:16am here in tx.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday 28th

 Well the family survived the first week of school.  So far Kelsey and Melissa like thier teachers and classes. 
Melissa has a friend over from school tonight who just lives up the road, they seem to be having fun.  They have been outside most of the time playing with the kids next door.  They were all just outside playing volleyball they are now in the house eating some pizza.

Hard to believe Kelsey will start driving this year they offer it at her High School or we can teach her ourselves not sure yet what way we will be going.  She has made a few friends so far and she is dating a nice young man by the name of Ryan Maxson.  He is on the High School football team. And lives 2 houses down.  The family is really nice, on the weekends here where i live all the families are pretty much outside handing out. 

Richard and I went to Wal-Mart to get  few school supplies we knew we still needed to get only to get more added to it today when Kelsey got home from school. She has sooo many binders and notebooks she has to carry around this year that I am not sure how she is going to do it lol.

I cleaned the house today because I have intentions on doing some sewing tomorrow while the girls are sleeping or playing outside depending on what comes first.  I am in a block swap with some friends on the internet we are doing blocks that have teapots and saucers.  Hard part is, is that the background block needs to be yellow and the teapots and saucers need to be floral.  I am trying to use what I have but do not have much as far as floral goes so got 1/2 a yard at wal-mart.  Need to get the fabric washed tonight and get it ready for tomorrow to be cut out.

I am off to watch some tv before hubby gets home from wrk.