Saturday, October 31, 2009

busy day today

Well today was really busy. Cleaned the house all up, did laundry as well. Made my first ever Blueberry pie. Its on the table now and need to get a pic of it to post. I was hoping to have some blueberries left to make some mini pies as well. Oh well, I can do it another time. Had to take a trip into town to take dh his power cord for his lap top he needed it at wrk. And then to wal-mart to get some bird food for the cockatiels they were out of food. While i was there i bought up the rest of some material i got the other day and thought it might make a great backing to a quilt top i have and need to get done sometime soon, have only had it done for about 8 yrs now lol actually think longer than that. Got some halloween placemats done last week for the table. Not that we really sit at the table to eat. Most of the time we are not all at home together to eat dinner. going to see if i can upload pics here, have not added pics here yet. Tomorrow my plans are to get a pillow case done, start a charity quilt, and just work on some mineless sewing as well. Get some christmas gifts going as well. I also have an emboidery machine i need to start learning as well.

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