Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday 10/12/2013

What a  lazy day it has been here in Texas. We are on our 2nd day of rain and we sure needed it. But it really has not helped our lakes at all sense the ground is just soaking it all up.  The weatherman says this should be the end of it.
 My plans today are to do some more baking. I have a banana bread order along with brownies and cookies to make so send to a friend who is here from Saudi and is visiting family in Chicago. She is wanting to take some goodies back with her to her family.  I am running out of time but this month went by faster that I thought it would.  I got 8 loaves of the bread done yesterday now I just need to do the cookies and brownies.
 I have been looking at Pinterest in the wee hours of the night looking at all the different cookie ideas I can do and WOW had no idea there were so many neat Ideas out there.  I cannot wait to start collecting cookie cutters.  They just do not sell them like they used to anymore.  They are soo hard to find these days.  So guess I will have to do a lot of my ordering off line.
 I am starting to get some ideas on some Cookie Bouquets I want to do for family and friends. I will try and start posting pics to share with who ever might be reading this blog, and if no one is reading it that is fine it will be a little journal of my Journey of cookie decorating lol.

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