Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Starting a new Life.

I am starting over in Life these days.  I have not quite decided to change the blog or just leave it as it is.
  Here is what has been happening in my life sense I have last posted.
 I have thought long and hard about my life and my Marriage of 21 years and I was just not happy anymore. I did everything I could to turn my Marriage around on my part but my husband guess did not think it was important.  There are other aspects to why the marriage was having trouble but out of respect for our marriage I will not post it here.  I left him back in April and filed for my divorce last month so it will be finale around November the 10th.  I will need to go to court still and sign all the paper work.  My Marriage has been over in my heart for a long time and I felt it was time to move on. I did discuss this with my 3 older daughters and they agreed with me as well.  They see that I am a lot happier now, I have a new job that I love going to and making some good friends with co-workers.

I had to give up my home and farm not by choice but only because my husband guess did not think it was important to pay on it.  I was kept in the dark with a lot of things in our Marriage that I am slowly finding out, But soon those will be his problems to deal with and not mine.

I have started to bake a lot more and bring the goodies into work and have had people ask me to bake my banana bread for them and I get paid for it too it's great. I am starting to get into cupcake and cookie decorating as well. I have a co worker ask me to make her some pies for the Holidays and some gingerbread men as well.  I am slowly collecting supplies that I need and those I know I will need in the Future. I am finding out that they sure do not sell cookie cutters like they used to in the stores.  Would love it if they had a cookie cutter store in my Fort Worth Dallas Area but I am not aware of any. So for now I have to order what I need from websites.  I cannot wait to embark on my new adventure. I have lots of Family and Friends that are supporting me.  I am sooo much happier than I have been in a long time I guess I never really knew how sad I was till I got out of the situation.

I really need to start posting more on what I am doing even though it just might be me reading this but it will be a nice way to remember what I have become in my new life.

Hugs to me.


  1. It's good to know that you decided to end the marriage after trying to save it. Sometimes, our efforts aren't reciprocated, which is why we feel unloved and unwanted. Marriage is a two-way process and it needs both of you to work on it. It's better to start living a new life alone than to expect more from a relationship that's already broken. Good luck on your new life, and I hope you won't have much trouble with the divorce process. :)

    Nancy Laughlin @

  2. Thanks Nancy,
    So far the divorce process is going well. It will be final sometime after the 10th of November.

  3. Update...
    The Divorce was Final December 19, 2013.