Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Morning so far

HI just thought i would start out what I have done so far this morning.
I got up about 5:30 this morning and that is late for me. Normal wrk day starts at 2am. I wanted to make sure the girls were up and ready for school. This is my time to see them before they go off to school sense i am not home during the week. My day off is Friday threw sunday. Melissa was up and dressed and ready to go. Kelsey was still in bed, she does not have to go till later.
Hubby woke up for a bit not to sure why but he put in some cloths i guess he needed for this morning and made breakfast once that was done he went back to bed. lol
Once he left for wrk I cleaned the kitchen, started dishwasher, and washed some fabrics for a pillow and nap quilt i am making for the little girl who lives next door. Its her 5th birthday. So going to get that started here in a bit and will try and remember to post pics.
House is quiet, my wrk is done for now anyway and its lunch time.
so going to go and eat some lunch, then iron my fabs to get ready to sew.
be back later on to post what i have done so far.
Well finished the Tinker Bell Pillow but was in such a rush to get it next door that i forgot to take a pic of it. I can get it taken later on.
I still want to make her a pillow case for her room and found a great video on how to make this pillow case they call a sausage roll. You are basically sewing the cuff and ribbon as i call it all at once and no seams. As soon as i can figure out how to load it up from You Tube i will post it.
well, off to get some wrk done around the house

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