Sunday, September 13, 2009

Been crazy here on the farm

Well its Friday and things have been crazy around here.  We got a call yesterday about finding homes for 2 horses that needed to find new homes for.  The owner was moving out of the country and could not take them with her.  They were also in a barn fire so had some trust issues to deal with.  A lady right up the road from us and a friend of hers went in together to get them. WE were sooo pleased.
 And Dawn the other person that does rescues was also able to place 4 more horses in loving homes, from other owners.

I also have a horse that i just got here at the farm that we are wrking with. He has major trust issues and he is not able to be caught. In other wrds you have to chace him down if you want to wrk with him, he will not come to you. But for the 4 days he has been here he had been doing really well.  We are able to walk up to him a little more even though he may walk away from you just not as fast as he did when we first got him here.  I just basically ignore home when i am out doing chores and he comes to me on his own.  He loves carrots we found out, and animal crackers like the rest of the horses.  I have been putting him on a line lead every chance i get.  And starting to wrk on desensitzing him with my hands. I think he has been trained in what i do not know, and i think it was done in mean spirits not loving hands.  So that is the reason for desenstizing him, So he starts to learn i am not going to hurt him.  I will post what we are doing as he comes along

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