Sunday, August 30, 2009

Great quilting day

well, i spent most of the day off and on doing some cutting and ironing for my qlt blocks.  Have the main blocks cut out. They are 12/1/2", cut all 12 of my Teapots cut out as well. Then realized i still needed to do the teacups. But going to check to see if we need the teacups, if so i will do 6 of them and only do 6 of the Pots. 

Tomorrow if i have time I will get the cups cut out and then start sewing them to the foundation  blocks if i have time. Sundays are my early days to go to bed. I get up at 2am during the week to get ready for wrk. I have to be at wrk at 4am.  Only Monday threw Thursday.  But when i get home i still have wrk to do here at the house and feed the animals.  Well, going to cut it short tonight have to get to bed i am tired. 12:16am here in tx.

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