Sunday, August 12, 2012

Homemade Laundry Soap

If any of you follow the coop Keepers Blog she has made this video on how to make your own Laundry Soap.  I have heard from a lot of people this really works nice.  And in a tip from another poster  (tony300smith) she posted...", I added a cup of lavender hair conditioner per 5 gallons, or what ever kind you prefer, this give the soap a fabric softener to it, plus a nice scent. I get it at the dollar store, or walmart."
 I plan on making this myself.

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  1. Hi Deana, Hope your all well. Glad to see your moving on with your Blog.
    I made laundry soap a while back, didn't care for the smell, and it didn't cut the grease in hub's clothes. He's a mechanic, so sometimes he's a mess. I went back to Tide, Liquid. I would like to give making my own again, and adding the conditioner to a jug to check out. Glad to see the video posted, as I am not a youtube fan of searching for one. Thanks. Hope to see more of what's going on with you often here. Take care, God Bless you all.