Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Nov 1st

Wow wonder where the month of October went too.  We all do not have much time to get ready for Thanksgiving.  I am going to start my list of things I need from the store now and each time we go to the store just get a little off that list so it does not seem so over whelming when we have to get all the goodies for dinner. Specially the cranberry sauce they always seem to be empty of that by the time I can go and do my shopping.
 I have several pies i am going to make. Pumpkin, chocolate family fav. , apple for my uncle, and found a recipe for a pecan and pumpkin pie just might have to try that one out.

And do some snack things for during the day and a light breakfast.

Today not to much is going on. Melissa is still at her friends house she will be home later today, kelsey is hiding out in her room watching movies, And I am on the computer as always lol.
Did the dishes earlier, vacumed, and just picked up. Still need to go pick up the room a bit but will do that later.  Thinking of doing some more sewing today just not sure what i am going to do as of yet.
  Might try my hand at the pillowcase again.  I had trouble with it last night. You would think that is easy to do and it was, just could not get my Brain  to do what i needed it to do lol.
 But it all wrked out in the end.
This is the pillowcase I made, that is Kelsey holding it up she did not want to get her pic taken. lol
Well off to see what else I can get into lol