Sunday, September 13, 2009

making a pillow case. This is really easy.

i hope this wrks.

Been crazy here on the farm

Well its Friday and things have been crazy around here.  We got a call yesterday about finding homes for 2 horses that needed to find new homes for.  The owner was moving out of the country and could not take them with her.  They were also in a barn fire so had some trust issues to deal with.  A lady right up the road from us and a friend of hers went in together to get them. WE were sooo pleased.
 And Dawn the other person that does rescues was also able to place 4 more horses in loving homes, from other owners.

I also have a horse that i just got here at the farm that we are wrking with. He has major trust issues and he is not able to be caught. In other wrds you have to chace him down if you want to wrk with him, he will not come to you. But for the 4 days he has been here he had been doing really well.  We are able to walk up to him a little more even though he may walk away from you just not as fast as he did when we first got him here.  I just basically ignore home when i am out doing chores and he comes to me on his own.  He loves carrots we found out, and animal crackers like the rest of the horses.  I have been putting him on a line lead every chance i get.  And starting to wrk on desensitzing him with my hands. I think he has been trained in what i do not know, and i think it was done in mean spirits not loving hands.  So that is the reason for desenstizing him, So he starts to learn i am not going to hurt him.  I will post what we are doing as he comes along

My Morning so far

HI just thought i would start out what I have done so far this morning.
I got up about 5:30 this morning and that is late for me. Normal wrk day starts at 2am. I wanted to make sure the girls were up and ready for school. This is my time to see them before they go off to school sense i am not home during the week. My day off is Friday threw sunday. Melissa was up and dressed and ready to go. Kelsey was still in bed, she does not have to go till later.
Hubby woke up for a bit not to sure why but he put in some cloths i guess he needed for this morning and made breakfast once that was done he went back to bed. lol
Once he left for wrk I cleaned the kitchen, started dishwasher, and washed some fabrics for a pillow and nap quilt i am making for the little girl who lives next door. Its her 5th birthday. So going to get that started here in a bit and will try and remember to post pics.
House is quiet, my wrk is done for now anyway and its lunch time.
so going to go and eat some lunch, then iron my fabs to get ready to sew.
be back later on to post what i have done so far.
Well finished the Tinker Bell Pillow but was in such a rush to get it next door that i forgot to take a pic of it. I can get it taken later on.
I still want to make her a pillow case for her room and found a great video on how to make this pillow case they call a sausage roll. You are basically sewing the cuff and ribbon as i call it all at once and no seams. As soon as i can figure out how to load it up from You Tube i will post it.
well, off to get some wrk done around the house

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Finished the Quilt Blocks

Well I finally finished the Quilt blocks for my online swap.  I need to go and get some pics of them so i can post them on the site.  I finished them up today all 12 of them. 

We are getting ready to start another block theme and this one is Fall Leaves. I have a great pattern we can used but I am not able to find it at this minute.  I just seen it not to long ago but my room is still not unpacked, and the things that are, well they just get moved around. 

We have a new addition to the Farm His name is Casper well for now till I think of a new name for him. 
 He is a white Arabian horse that was from a rescue in another county.  He was part of a neglect situation.  This person had other horses do not remember how many right now that were not being taken care of at all. In fact some were so skinny they were starving, and some well lets just say did not make it on his property.  They were all siezed by the SPCA.  We were asked if we could take casper in and teach him to trust again and we agreed.  I have had him about 5 days now and he has come along way.  You still cannot go right up to him and put your hands near his face or even touch him.  But when you are able to get him and get the line lead on him and lead him around and gently talk to him, you then can slowly put your hand on his face to give him a nice pat, and on his sides.  He will come to you on his terms. When i go out to the pasture to check on the other horses and animals i just ignore him and let him come to me. So far its wrking.
  I put him on the lead today and walked him around the property, and did some figure 8's with him, did great with that.

I only wrk with him in short sessions threw out the day.  Once i was done with that i came in the house and cooled off, cleaned up the house just a bit and finished my quilt blocks. well off to get dinner done and get some pics of the quilt blocks and upload some pics to share